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Wellness Champ

Cookie-cutter exercises don't cut it anymore. Live, 1-on-1 virtual personal training for $35 (typically $80+)

Live, 1-on-1 virtual personal training for $35 per 1-hour session (typically $80+).

Why our Champs train with us:
  • Fits into your schedule. Workout, shower, cook, and eat in the amount of time it takes to commute to the gym.
  • Achieve perfect form. Your trainer is laser-focused on your form each session to keep you injury-free.
  • One-size-fit-all programs don't cut it anymore. Get the live, expert, and dedicated guidance you need to exceed your fitness goals, no matter your equipment situation.
  • Our trainers have been through the journey themselves. From losing 120 lbs to gaining 70 lbs, each of our trainers has undergone a personal transformation and understand what you're going through, regardless of whether you're trying to lose weight or bulk.
  • Wellness Champ is $35 per live, private personal training session, with 100% money-back guarantee. Most gyms offer personal training for $80+ per session and group classes for $35 per class. Why do generic, if you can get a customized option for you at the same price?
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