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UpHome Renovation

Bathroom renovations made as easy as buying online.

With UpHome, it takes less than 3 minutes to design your shower, get your instant quote and get pre-approved for financing. Please visit to design your shower and get your quote. 

UpHome offers simple & affordable luxury bathroom renovations. UpHome makes your shower renovation experience as simple as buying on Amazon, with an all-inclusive experience. Forget about visiting multiple stores, comparing prices online, & dealing with multiple contractors.

UpHome offers high-quality & highly affordable products, a simple yet powerful online design and ordering experience, financing, and stress-free installation service, including risk-free returns & warranty.

UpHome Showers offer the best value in renovations and we are experts in bathroom renovations, specializing in bathtub to shower conversions and installation of walk-in showers. 

UpHome is changing the renovation industry with a brand new proprietary high-quality engineered stone material and by simplifying the customer experience. Our material is not just awesome, it is also manufactured in the US and highly-affordable. This, combined with our simplified customer experience & streamlined operations, allow us to pass all savings directly to you.

Once you've placed your order, your shower renovation will be done in 2 days. 

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