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Free work-management platform built for small teams

👋 Welcome to TaskPoint - the straight-to-the-point task management system for your small team

As a university student, something that I found troubling was how hard it is to work together as small team. Some of the pain points were scrolling through endless Whatsapp messages, not knowing when someone finished their work, and just overall confusion on what the project’s progress is. Therefore, inspired by a lot of the popular work-management systems, I’ve decided to create my own collaboration platform where simplicity is key. TaskPoint, when compared with other work-management platform, places more of an emphasis on crucial features with none of the fluff. The features are:

- 😋 Free and unlimited: That’s right, everything in TaskPoint is free and unlimited. That means there is no limit on the amount of tasks made, no limit on the amount of messages you can send and no limit on the amount of files stored either.

- 🤝 Quick invite: An account can be made in less than 5 seconds with just an email and password, and anyone join your project instantly with just an invitation link.

- ✔️ Organize tasks easily: Quickly identify the stage each task through the use of Kanban cards. To update the task’s process, just drag and drop. Plus, within each task, you get access to a ton of information such as notes, task division, and files.

- 🚀 And more features available on the site and in the near future !!!

🤩 Excited ? Go ahead and give TaskPoint a try at 
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