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Launch cloud applications with ease – in your own AWS account. Designed for Developers, DevOps, and Cloud Engineers.

Anyone who tried to set up a production application on AWS knows the struggle: it’s just not built for people with less than quite some years of experience. Platform providers like Heroku work great until your app becomes very popular and the bill grows huge. Or you want to be GDPR-compliant.

In a nutshell, SetOps is a service to run applications in your own AWS account. Developers interact with the CLI to manage applications, services like databases or storage, and functionalities like monitoring, alerting, and many more.

SetOps is production-ready and is used by companies to deploy their web applications. It comes with a lot of features that are required to run applications in production:

- Worry-free container deployments
- Interactive commands for debugging, migrations, DB queries, etc.
- Managed services like databases
- Integrated service discovery
- Backup, Monitoring, and Alerting

SetOps was built by experienced DevOps experts who used their knowledge to create a high-quality product that’s easy and enjoyable to use. There’s no lock-in because SetOps manages all resources inside your own AWS account. All components are designed to be self-healing, so it’s reliable by design. It provides cost-efficient deployments on every scale – from a few hundred requests per day to many thousands.

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